Cairns Community Fundraising

Cairns Community Fundraising

Thanks for approaching Hot Air for a fantastic prize for your fundraiser, unfortunatly we recive so many requests that we cannot satisy all of them but have come up with this great offer to help you raise money and still give away a fantastic proize

Your fundraiser can raise $60 to $120 per Balloon Prize ticket, provided by us, to you on Consignment.

You can choose to Auction or Raffle or Sell a Balloon Prize Ticket at full retail and keep the difference.

How does a Hot Air Balloon Cairns Auction/Raffle/Prize ticket work?

1. We provide you with a Ballooning Prize Voucher – retail $235 per person or $470 per couple– as a-NON-ACTIVATED ticket

2.  You choose to Raffle or Auction off or Give-away the Ballooning Prize at your Fundraiser. 

3. If the Ballooning Prize sells above the reserve price or you wish to purchase to motivate at this nett price, your fundraiser makes and keeps the difference

4. Contact us the day after the fundraiser and pay the reserve price of the ticket, $***pp and we activate the Ballooning Ticket in our Reservations system for your Prize/Auction ticket winner

5. Your Prize winner can phone us anytime to book any day of the year & tickets valid for one year. Their blank Prize Ticket cannot be used unless we’ve heard from you. 

OR -  if the Prize does not reach the reserve price or is not used – we automatically cancel the non-activated ticket. No payment required. The ticket can be destroyed and is not able to be used.
Please fill in this form below to apply for a TICKET on Consignment. All Prize tickets are subject to our full terms and conditions

We wish you all the very best with your event and we look forward to talking further, if this is of interest to your fundraising, 



Extra Information

  • All conditions at
  • Tickets can be valid for 1 year, please enquire
  • Fully pre-paid, nothing to pay on the day
  • Fly with Australia's most popular balloon ride


How To Book

Book Online Book Online Now using the BOOK NOW Button - fast and easy
Phone Direct Call one of our helpful consultants to book now!

Brisbane/Gold Coast:1300 766 887

Cairns/Port Douglas: 07 4039 9900

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Adults: Children:
  • Fly with Australia’s MOST popular balloon ride
  • Fully FLEXIBLE – tickets can be altered/moved
  • 100% - Refundable but only tickets bought HERE
  • CALL US - Yes we’re on the phones 7 days a week
  • Are the prices for each tour per adult?
  • Which hotel and places do we pick up from ?
  • What time does ballooning get back?
  • How long before I want to fly should I book?