Responsible Tourism and Sustainability

Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism and Environmental Stewardship

Hot Air is committed to being a responsible tourism provider, striving to make a positive impact on the environment, local communities, the economy, and ethical standards. Our dedication to environmental responsibility includes the following key strategies:


 We understand the significance of preserving the natural beauty of the regions where we operate. To achieve this, we actively implement measures to minimise our environmental footprint.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The tourism industry contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions. As part of our commitment, we work to reduce our carbon footprint.

Preserving & Respecting Cultural & Historical Sites

Mass tourism can exert pressure on historical sites and cultural heritage. We prioritise responsible tourism by respecting and preserving these valuable assets and cultures.

Community Engagement

Our commitment extends beyond environmental aspects. We maintain strong relationships within the local community. Sharing knowledge, supporting local businesses, and creating job opportunities are integral to our mission.

Local Purchasing

By shopping locally, we not only support the community but also reduce the environmental footprint associated with transporting goods from distant suppliers.

Plastic Elimination

We actively work to eliminate plastic waste, recognising its harmful impact on ecosystems and wildlife.

Compliance with Environmental Laws

We adhere to all environmental regulations, ensuring responsible practices in every aspect of our operations.

Gold Coast Hinterland and Atherton Tablelands

Hot Air acknowledges the critical importance of conserving and safeguarding delicate ecosystems in the Gold Coast Hinterland and Atherton Tablelands. Operating within these areas, we actively promote responsible practices during the tours. Guests are encouraged to remain mindful of their surroundings, exercise caution, and act responsibly.

The organisation emphasises the need to protect sensitive areas, ensuring minimal impact on the environment and the safety of wildlife. Educational information is provided to raise awareness about environmentally conscious behaviour, including guidelines on noise reduction, wildlife preservation, and proper waste disposal.

By setting a positive example, Hot Air aims to balance the thrill of hot air ballooning with environmental respect, contributing to long-term sustainability for future generations.