Rena Ceola
I took three relatives from Italy on your hot air balloon yesterday and we all had a wonderful time. The crew were incredibly friendly, the ride and view was magnificent - my relatives spoke about it all day, they were so impressed. Thanks Hot Air.
V Harland, Australia
Everything about the balloons were awesome!!.. Watching them fill up, the flame, the enormous size, floating up into the air, the landscapes and horizon, the serenity, the people who run the show, and last but not least, the hilarious landing!.. I definitely recommend this activity and company to everyone around the nation and globe!.. It's very safe, the…
Chandra P
Once in a lifetime experience! Alex was with us in the balloon & he had the right answers to all our questions. We enjoyed the ride thoroughly. Saw a lot of kangaroos in the fields below.
You cannot miss this opportunity when you get to Australia.
Audrey McDonald, Yorkshire UK
​Just writing to tell you and everybody at Hot Air Balloon Cairns that I had a wonderful time this morning! It was an exceptional experience and the staff were very helpful and friendly. Along with our trip​ sailing​ to the Michelmas cay reef, your hot air ballooning was ​an experience I will never forget​.