• Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to join your hot air balloon experience?

    You no longer need to be vaccinated to join our Hot Air Balloon Experience.

    This information was correct at 20/05/2022.
  • Is my hot air booking still going ahead with respect to coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    We have a dedicated page to manage your questions about your booking and COVID-19. This page will be regularly updated. Please check here:

    COVID-19 and your Hot Air Balloon experience

  • are there weight restrictions for hot air balloon rides?

    We dont have weight restrictions for our flights but we do ask that anyone over 100kg advises at the time of booking to assist us with our flight allocations. 

  • how should i dress for a hot air balloon ride?

    We recommend you you wear casual comfortable  layered clothing and flat enclosed shoes on the day of your flight, also you can wear a hat and sunglasses. White clothing is not recommended. Please keep in mind that the basket is 1.2mts in height with two footholds in the side to use as a step ladder to climb into and out of the basket.

  • How old do you have to be to ride in a hot air balloon?

    The minimum age for participating in a hot air balloon ride is 3yrs old. Children between 3yrs and 5yrs require proof of age with either a picture of their passport or birth certificate to show the driver on the morning. 

  • Does the balloon have wheelchair access?

    Unfortunately we cannot accomodate for wheelchair access as all passengers must climb into the 1.2m basket unassisted and stand for the whole duration of the flight. It is a safety requirement by CASA in case of an emergency. 


  • Do the balloons actually travel or just go up and down?

    Each day is different depending upon weather conditions but generally the balloon can travel between 4-7 kilometres and go in many directions. 

  • Can I buy a balloon ride with Afterpay?

    No we do not take payment through afterpay. We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Zippay and Alipay.  If you are paying with an international card please be aware there may be currency exchange fees. 

  • If I find a cheaper price will you price match?

    We are not on groupon but if you do find a cheaper price please email us at [email protected] and we can look and price match and get back to you. 

  • I want to book a flight just for myself, do you offer single tickets or do I have to be in a group?

    No you are welcome to book just for 1 person. Our balloon baskets have a various number of groups and single travellers flying every morning. 

  • How can I contact your reservations team?

    Please direct any questions you have towards [email protected] or 07 4039 9900 and our sales team can help you out. 

  • Can I buy different seats within the balloon basket to get the best view?

    The balloon basket is open and each spot can offer a different view. The pilots do not steer the balloon, the balloon is guided by the wind meaning the wind turns the balloon around 360 degrees and offer many different unique views during the one balloon flight. Passengers must stand for the whole duration of the flight. 

  • Are there going to be free photos from our flight?

    We do take photos during your flight, we offer digital copies that can be downloaded. You will be emailed a link to download your photos and these can easily be sent to your friends and family.  The Hot Air staff take a number of photos with different angles such as the morning, portraits, special remote control in flight photos and team pack up photos. We capture the best moments from the morning for you to treasure when you go back home. 

  • I left something on the bus during my hotair flight, can I get it back?

    Please email [email protected] or call us 07 4039 9900 and give us your name, email address and booking ID we can look in our lost property and contact you if we find it. 

  • Is there any height restrictions?

    Our minimum age for a child is 3 years old. It is a legal requirement that everyone that participates in a Hot Air Balloon ride is able to climb into and out of the basket unaided and stand for the duration of the flight. The basket is 1.2 meters in height and has two footholds on the side to use like a step ladder that children can look through  if they are not taller than the basket. 

  • I haven't recieved any tickets yet for my confirmed flight?

    Your booking ID should have been emailed to you. If it isn't in your inbox try looking in your spam folder as sometimes it gets mislabelled. You dont need a physical ticket just show us your booking on your phone. If you haven't received your confirmation or pick up details please contact our reservations team on 07 4039 9900 between 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday and 9am-2pm Saturday and Sunday.

  • What time should I meet you for my balloon flight?

    All our balloon flights are early in the morning for the best weather conditions.The meeting point depends on where you are staying and times vary depending upon what month of the year it is. Our pick up times are sent to you when you book. If you haven't received your confirmation or pick up details please contact our reservations team on 07 4039 9900 between 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday and 9am-2pm Saturday and Sunday.​

  • I have booked my flight with a tour agent, how do I change my booking or cancel?

    When booking through a third party travel agent you are agreeing to their terms and conditions and must make any changes to your booking directly with them. We strongly recommend booking directly with Hot Air as we are the operators of the balloons and we have very competitive terms and conditions.

  • I was wondering if there is any expiry date for my gift voucher?

    Gift Vouchers for Gold Coast ballooning are open dated and valid for 36 months from the date of purchase. Once the gift recipient wants to book a date they will need to phone or email us at least 1 week before travel.
  • ​W​hy do balloons only fly in the early morning in Queensland?

    Hot Air ballooning requires stable weather conditions which generally are at their best in the early hours of the morning as the sun is rising. 

    In Queensland we are fortunate to have some of the best ballooning conditions in the world. We schedule departures daily all year round with a great take off rate. You will also agree that the early morning is a spectacular time to witness views from above.

  • I have a 2 yr old, are they allowed to come in the balloon?

    All children must have already had their 3rd Birthday to be able to participate in Ballooning. If you are traveling as a family or with other people we welcome you to bring your infant along for spectating the balloon from the ground supervised with an adult while the rest of the group fly. Spectators will join in on the cross country balloon chase, pack up games and transfers. This is an optional extra for your booking and you must be traveling with others that are already booked to fly.

  • Is there any difference between the extended flight, what do you see extra?

    We have two flight options, our daily departure and most popular option is approximately 30 minute flight. The extended flight is approximately 60 minute flight. Both flights are fantastic but if you would like to see a bit further afield and take in some more time up in the air then we recommend booking the extended flight. Pick up and drop off times are the same for both flights the difference is the amount of time you spend in the air.

  • what is the min age for kids to be on the balloon?

    By law the minimum age for hot air ballooning is 3 years old. The child must have had their 3rd birthday and must have proof of age to show our pilot on the day of travel. Children under three can come along as a spectator but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • What is the maximum number of people that can fit in the balloon basket together?

    The number of people in the basket can vary daily as it changes with the air temperatures and our loadings for the day. It will most likely be yourself and a few other couples in the basket as well.

  • Where do I find my photos, we went hot air ballooning last week?

    A link to the photos from the day you travelled will be emailed to you after your flight. If you have not recieved these please contact us on 07 4039 9900 between 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday and 9am-2pm Saturday and Sunday.​

  • how do you notify if it is cancelled due to bad weather?

    We keep a close eye on the weather conditions. If the conditions are not suitable for us to fly we will call you the evening before. Please make sure your contact details are advised and your phone switched on. We go on a no news is good news policy, so if you hear nothing then we will be going ahead as planned.

  • Can you share details on change/refund policy please. What happens if the balloon flight is cancelled due to the weather?

    We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Outside of this time we will cancel your reservation with 100% refund. Inside 24 hours prior to your pick up 100% cancellation fees will apply. We keep a close eye on the weather conditions. Should we need to cancel we will notify you by 5pm the afternoon before you fly. We will offer you an alternative day to fly or 100% refund. Please note these conditions are only valid for direct bookings with Hot Air Balloon.

  • I have booked for a hot air balloon for 2 people this Thursday but have a funeral now to attend. Can we reschedule?

    Here at Hot Air we try to be as flexible as possible where needed. If you have a family emergency or medical reason that you cannot fly the next day please advise us and we will try to accommodate you where possible. 

    Notice outside of 48 hours prior to your departure we are more than happy to reschedule or cancel your ticket with no fees applied. 


  • I am 5 months pregnant, can I still come hot air ballooning?

    For safety, we will not fly any pregnant passengers at any stage of their pregnancy. We welcome you to come along as a spectator if you have others flying that morning. 

  • Does the ticket price includes the tax or not?

    All pricing on our website is all inclusive of all levies and taxes, there are no hidden charges.

  • With the weather forecasts when/if you make the decision not to go?

    In the event of unstable weather conditions we will notify you by 5pm the day prior to departure. You can select another day or receive a 100% refund. Hot Air Ballooning requires great weather conditions and we will not fly if our pilots so not think the conditions are suitable and safe. 

  • I already have a gift voucher for 2 people but I would like to book 2 more to come with us as well. How do I do this?

    When you select your departure date let us know of how many extra people want to join as well. We will require credit card information to secure their places, they can pay separately or all together.

  • Is there any availability after lunch today?

    All of our ballooning commences in the early hours of the morning. hot Air Ballooning requires stable wind conditions and cooler temperatures which are best during the first hours of daylight. We are scheduled to depart daily excluding Christmas Day (25th December) and New years Day (1st January). 

  • I want to get married during the hot air balloon flight, is it possible?

    Yes, it is possible to be married during a Hot Air Balloon flight. To be married in Queensland you will require a celebrant and two witnesses over 18 years of age to witness your marriage, do be aware you must lodge your intention to marry with a court house at least 30 days prior to your intended to be wed date. Your flight can be a private charter or non exclusive. We can help you arrange the details if you email us your intended date, how many people and the departure location to [email protected]

  • ​Do you offer any group discounts for bookings of 4 people?

    As ballooning is a specialised product with limited availability we only offer discounts for bookings over ten people. Please advise us if you wish to book a group and we will happily so a quote of our best offer. You can email us at [email protected]

  • ​My parents are over 65 years old, will they be able to travel?

    There is no maximum age restrictions for Hot air ballooning. All passengers must have enough mobility to climb in and out of the basket unassisted and stand for the duration of the flight. The basket stands 1.2 meters in height and has two foot holes to assist the climb. Your balloon pilot will demonstrate how this is done on the day.

  • Are there any hot air balloon rides after 1pm?

    All Hot Air Ballooning in Queensland and Australia wide is in the early mornings only. The weather conditions and patterns are the most suitable at this time of the day. Later during the day and in the evenings the air temperatures are too high and the wind conditions are not as stable. The most reliable times are within the first few hours of daylight. 

  • I have misplaced my flight certificate, how can I view my photos?

    If you have lost your flight certificate we are able to issue you with a new password to access your photos. Please click on the live chat button via our website or email [email protected] along with your booking identification and we will be able to advise the details.

  • I want to book for my partner and I for his birthday. He is on crutches. Will this be okay?

    It is a safety requirement that all passengers are able to climb into and out of the balloon unassisted. if any injury impairs this unfortunately you cannot participate. As there us limited space in the basket, crutches cannot come on board.

  • What do you wear on a hot air balloon ride?

    Recommended clothing is similar to what you would wear hiking. Loose fitting and suitable for climbing in and out of the balloon basket. As you will be taking off and landing mostly on farming land we recommend long pants and no light coloured clothing to avoid stains. Closed in shoes are highly desired to avoid wet feet. In the winter months we strongly suggest layered clothing as it will be quite cool on take off and landing. 

  • How old do you have to be to ride in a hot air balloon?

    The minimun age to participate in a Hot Air Balloon ride in Australia is three years old. The child must have already had their third birthday prior to their balloon ride. Our pilots will position families with young children where they can see through the footholds in the side of the basket. Hot Air does not have a minimun height restriction. 

  • My partner is 20 weeks pregnant, can she still fly?

    Unfortunately the answer is no. Hot Air will not fly you at any stage of pregnancy. You are more than welcome to join a flying passenger and watch as a spectator or even wait until after the baby has been born and you are able to have a morning away.

  • How many people in a balloon?

    The number of guests in each balloon varies daily pending on the loading and conditions, there will be other guests on board the flight with you. Our largest commercial balloons hold up to 24 passengers. 

  • ​Are the prices listed for the balloon rides on your website in Australian Dollars?

    Yes all pricing for our Hot Air balloon flights is Australian dollars and inclusive of all taxes and levies.

  • Is the insurance necessary or can we take it off the cost if we already have travel insurance?

    ​The insurance levy is already inclusive of the total cost displayed on our website for your hot air balloon flight. This is a compulsory fee that covers the costs of take off and landing as well as insurances required by law for flying on private properties. This is not covered in normal travel insurance.

  • W​hy do baloons only fly in the early morning in Queensland?

    Hot Air ballooning requires stable weather conditions which generally are at their best in the early hours of the morning as the sun is rising. 

    In Queensland we are fortunate to have some of the best ballooning conditions in the world. We schedule departures daily all year round with a great take off rate. You will also agree that the early morning is a spectacular time to witness views from above.

  • Is there any issue with one of us being 125kgs?

    We do not have any weight limit for passengers in our balloons. If a passenger is 100kg or more please advise upon booking as this will assist us with the correct placement in the basket. Please be aware that all passengers are required to climb into and out of the 1.2mt basket (with two footholds to use like a ladder) unaided and stand for the duration of the flight. 

  • Should I stand out the front of my hotel to wait for the bus?

    Please wait for your driver in the Hotel lobby. Our driver will arrive in our Hot Air Balloon bus and will be wearing a green shirt. please have your booking confirmation details ready to show them upon arrival

  • We missed our flight this morning because we slept in, what shall I do?

    In accordance to our fail to load policy, 100% no show fee will apply to your booking. If you wish to re-book for another day a $50- per person re-booking fee will apply. Please contact our reservations staff by email, chat link on our website or by calling our office if you would like to reschedule. 

  • Is the Balloon rides shared with other people?

    on our daily departures the numbers in basket varies each day pending on conditions and loadings. We do offer exclusive flights if you wish to do a private charter instead.

  • What weather conditions will affect our flight?

    Hot Air Balloon will notify you if there are inclement weather conditions. Please ensure you advise your contact details and have your phone turned on the evening before your flight. Hot Air work on a no news is good news policy, so if you hear nothing we will be going ahead!

  • I'm looking for a balloon ride over the Scenic Rim and will be staying at Tamborine Mountain, where do you fly?

    Balloons in the Scenic Rim will launch around the Beaudesert area daily all year round. Meeting locations are at Canungra Information Centre. Pick up times will vary in the Summer and Winter months but all ballooning takes place early morning. As the take off and landing locations change daily transfers to and from the balloon will be arranged by Hot Air Balloon to make it easy for you on the day. 

  • If we cancel our balloon flight do we get a full refund?

    Tickets purchased from Hot Air Balloon for ballooning have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel your booking, please provide more than 48 hours before your departure and we will refund 100% for any payment made. If you cancel within 48 hours we can assist when possible to reschedule your flight however 100% cancellation fees will apply. 

  • Doe you have any deals for February?

    As this is our peak time we do not have any specials on offer for groups under 6 passengers.

  • What do you have for Valentine's Day?

    We offer gift vouchers which are valid for travel for 12 months from the date of purchase. Valentine's Day is a very popular day to travel so be sure to book in advance to secure your place. 

  • I want to celebrate a special occasion Hot Air Ballooning, how can i make it extra special?

    Going Hot Air Ballooning is a great way to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day or graduations. Hot Air aspires to do their best to make you morning special and can provide a birthday cake at breakfast free of charge.

    To make your flight more memorable we offer in flight photos. A link will be emailed to you to download your photos after your flight.

  • Can we take a later time? How many times do you go?

    We depart once daily, so the pick up time / meeting time that is advised upon booking is the only departure time available for the selected day.

    All ballooning activities in Australia are early morning as this is when the flying conditions are the most suitable for flying in a Hot Air Balloon. 

  • Are there any child care facilities at the Hot Air Balloon?

    No sorry we do not provide and child minding services. If your child is over 3yrs of age they can participate in a balloon ride too. All children need to be accompanied and supervised by and adult at all times. 

  • Do I need to print my ticket?

    No you don't need to print your ticket. You can use an e-ticket instead, just show your driver your booking confirmation or ticket straight from your mobile device. 

    We understand that while traveling not everyone has access to print and also as an environmentally friendly company we encourage our passengers to use their e-ticket instead.

  • How do i confirm my booking?

    You can confirm your booking online at www.hotair.com.au/reconfirm  You will need your ticket reference or Booking ID and the name the booking was made under or you can confirm via our online chat which is available daily at hotair.com.au between 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday and 9am-2pm Saturday and Sunday.​

  • Can you tell me how much will it cost for a Private Hot Air Balloon flight?

    To be able to quote you for a Private Charter we will require some important information first, so we can provide you with the correct information that is most suited to your requirments.

    Please advise how many people will travel, the selected travel date (or approximate) and the suburb you are departing from as well as your email address. We can then email you a detailed quote. 

  • Do you have any weight restrictions?

    We do not have any weight restrictions, we do ask however that everyone that is 100kg or more advises upon booking for our flight allocations. 

    It is a legal requirement that everyone that participates in a Hot Air Balloon ride is able to climb into and out of the basket unaided and stand for the duration of the flight. The basket is 1.2 meters in height and has two footholds on the side to use like a step ladder.

  • I want to see our photos from the day we flew?

    A link to the images from the day you flew will be emailed to you after your flight. These can be easily downloaded. The Hot Air staff take a number of photos with different angles such as the morning portraits, special remote control in flight photos and team pack up photos. We capture the best moments from the morning for you to treasure when you go back home. 

    If you do not recieve your photos please contact our friendly team either online, by email or phone between 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday and 9am-2pm Saturday and Sunday.​

  • Will I be in the same basket as the other people in my group?

    We will ensure that you and your group are together in the basket, we have many different sized baskets to accommodate to all sized groups. If you book separately then please ensure you advise us that you are travelling together so we can ensure that we put you in the same basket. 

    We also have private charters available upon application, if you wish to make your experience a little more private. Alternatively you are doing Ballooning with a breakfast option you can have friends and family join you for breakfast after ballooning. 

  • Can I change my booking date?

    All our bookings are flexible so date can be changed by contacting our office, subject to availability. Please note that there is a 48-hour cancellation policy, a fee may incur if you wish to change date of travel within 48 hours from the original travel date. 

  • When is the best time of year to go ballooning?

    All Year Around !  
    Luckily flying in Queensland our weather conditions are mostly good year around, so we have no closed season.
    Its hard for us to choose the weather several days ahead and so by all means give us a call maybe 2 days before to discuss your weather options,  but most of the time we will need to pick you up and go to the launch site to decide if its possible to fly. 
    Don't worry, we wont fly if there is any chance of unsuitable conditions, but we do want to give you the best chance of flying on the day you have chosen.

  • What type of payment does Hot Air accept?

    You can pay for your tour by Gift voucher, credit card online or over the phone. You must pre pay in advance when you make the booking. We don't accept diners card or JCB and we do accept AMEX (American Express), Visa, Mastercard, AliPay, Zip Pay and Wechat Pay and there is no surcharge fee.





  • Can we meet you at the launch site? Can our family come watch?

    As we are entering Private properties, with specific permissions,   we have a responsibility to know who is under our control and who is not,  also those people travelling with us officially are covered by our Insurance on behalf of the property as a requirement. 

    We take off at a different location everyday, depending on the wind direction and speed, so we never know in advance where that will be and the decision on a launch site location is only taken just before dawn. We are unable to say where this will be to guide you therefore.   

    It is possible to reserve a seat on our vehicle as a "spectator"  however and our staff will ensure you are in all the best places to take photos and be with your flying loved ones if that is your aim.  You'll travel in air conditioned comfort and breakfast at O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyards is included.  We will need to reserve you a spot on our bus however so you must tell us in advance you wish to come along and spectate.  

    The cost for a spectator is $90 per person which includes return transfer, balloon chase and vineyard breakfast ($60 in Cairns/Port Douglas as no breakfast is included in tours).

    For self-drivers, the best and closet point to the launch site to drive to is Canungra Tourist Information Centre from Gold Coast and Brisbane.

    For balloon rides on the Atherton Tablelands, please meet us at Mareeba Heritage Centre for those travelling from Cairns and Port Douglas.

  • Do you fly on weekends and public holidays?

    We have flights every morning except Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Weekends are generally busier than weekdays particularly in Gold Coast and Brisbane so it is recommended to book at least 2 weeks in advance if possible.  There is no surcharge on weekends or on public holidays, our flights are always the same prices. 

  • Should pregnant ladies go Hot Air Ballooning?

    Our medical advice from Drs and other medical practitioners is that pregnant ladies should not fly at any stage of their pregnancy as there can be unexpected bumps and risks.
    For this reason and your safety Hot Air will not carry any pregnant ladies and we recommend you wait until after you have had your child to fly. 
    By all means accompany your family as a spectator passenger and you'll still have a lot of fun. 

  • What is the minimum age a child can fly in the balloon?

    The minimum age for a child to fly in a Hot Air Balloon is 3 years. There is no minimum height or weight required. Children who have not yet reached their 3rd birthday (0-2 years) may accompany as a spectator under supervision the of an adult spectator but are not permitted to fly. 

  • What do you hear whilst flying?

    You travel with the wind in a hot air balloon - and so when the burner is off, it is completely quiet. It’s easy to hear sounds drifting up from below you, dogs barking, birds singing etc.

    When the burner is on it can be a little noisy,  Hot Air are fitting the latest and quietest burners available in Australia to their fleet progressively to ensure that you have the very best experience.  Our entire Gold Coast fleet is fitted as of July 2013, and Cairns will be fitted out by July 2014. 

  • Is it cold in the balloon?

    You will feel the heat from burner while you are up in the air so you won't feel too cold. You do need warm clothing especially if you book to fly between April and October as it can get very cold at the launch site.

  • What happens if I need to cancel?

    You will receive 100% refund as per our Terms & Conditions under clause 4: Click here. Cancellation must be made with at least 72 hours notice to receive a full refund. 

  • How can I contact you on the morning of my balloon ride?

    Our team will be able to take calls from 330am through to 5am if you need to alert us to any problems regarding meeting you for your hot air balloon transfer. If you wish to contact our office, we are open between 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday and 9am-2pm Saturday and Sunday.​

  • What about Vertigo - I hate heights?

    A Hot Air Balloon flight is very gentle and stable and because you start from the ground and gently lift up, rather than looking off the edge of a building - there is quiet a different sensation. 

    We recommend you try it – so many of our passengers attest to how surprised at how comfortable and safe they felt flying with Hot Air.

  • What do I bring on a morning, hot air ballooning?

    Dress as for a casual walk in the bush, sensible sturdy shoes are recommended. We suggest you bring sunglasses, a hat/cap and dress in layered clothing. During the morning as the sun comes up, the day will become warmer.

    Remember there is so much to see from an entirely new perspective, you will want to record it all to relive later, your own camera or video camera are welcomed on board. Don’t forget your cash or credit card (M, V) for that extra special souvenir of your fantastic hot air balloon experience.

    Of course if you choose to add on another Cairns Tour or Gold Coast Tour such as a Gold Coast Theme Park or a Great Barrier Reef tour after ballooning, please bring your swimming outfit, a change of clothes, sunscreen and towel

  • Are the balloon flights at sunrise? Will I see the Sunrise?

    Hot Air Balloon flights in Australia are at dawn because this is the time of day that provides the optimum weather conditions for launching balloons. 

    Depending on many operational factors, which vary each day, passengers may be on the ground during inflation or in the balloon when the sun is actually coming over the horizon or rising. 

    Viewing of "Sunrise"  is not guaranteed therefore,  as different people have a different perception of what this is likely to be,  although either way, the Australian sky during the first hour of light is always amazing and you will see an amazing dawn.