• I want to buy a flight but I dont know the date yet, can I still book now?

    Yes you can buy one of our gift vouchers which are valid for 12 months after the date of purchase and just call up with the booking number when you have picked a date.  


  • Can I fly the balloon from Sydney to Brisbane?

    Our company does not operate in Sydney and we only fly on the Brisbane Hinterland. 

  • Does self drive mean that it includes transfers?

    You can drive to meet us at our designated meeting points but as we fly on private property and land in a different location is it more efficient for us to pick you up from your cars and take you to where we will fly in our buses and then we will drop you after breakfast. 

  • Does Hot Air have a parent company?

    Hot Air is a family owned and operated company that has been operating for 22 years, within the same company is Fly me to the Moon and Balloons over Brisbane. 

  • How come hot air balloons leave so early in Brisbane?

    Hot air ballooning requires cooler air temperatures and stable wind patterns that generally are at their best within the first few hours of daylight in Australia. In Brisbane we are fortunate that the weather conditions for ballooning are suitable year round meaning we can schedule flights daily with a very good take off rate! You will also agree that the early morning is a spectacular time to be floating above the beautiful Brisbane hinterland.

  • ​How much does it cost to go up in a hot air balloon around Brisbane?

    Ballooning in Brisbane has two options, our self drive, daily departure and vineyard breakfast. If you require a transfer from the Brisbane CBD, we are able to transfer you to the Brisbane Hinterland

  • Can I stand in front our Brisbane hotel and wait for Hot Air Balloon pick up?

    Please wait in the lobby/reception of your hotel. Your Hot Air Balloon Brisbane driver will come in and collect you so you are not waiting outside in the early hours of the morning. Hot Air Ballooning is very weather dependent so it is important that you are ready to leave when your driver arrives or you will miss your flight. Please have your ticket or booking confirmation ready to show the driver. If you are concerned about your pick up on the day please call +61756361508

  • I only have an international number, will you be able to reach me for our hot air balloon ride?

    We can call and sms international numbers but we do need to know the international country code (number with + at the beginning). When you book your balloon ride from Brisbane please make sure we know which country you are traveling from and all of your best contact details in case we need to reach you.

  • I can't confirm the reservation for Hot Air Balloon flight, what so I do?

    To reconfirm your Brisbane balloon flight you can visit our online confirmation www.hotair.com.au/reconfirm  you will need your booking ID number ( 6 digit confirmation number) and the name on the reservation. Alternatively you can call 07 3139 1329 or email [email protected] and our team can help direct you.

  • We have hot air balloon tickets and are travelling tomorrow - any special clothing to wear/take?

    Brisbane mornings especially in winter can be cool on take off of the balloon so please make sure you wear comfortable layered clothing and a hat if you have one with you. Once we are in the air the temperatures do tend to rise. As our take off and landing points are on rural farming land we suggest no light colored clothing to avoid any clothing getting dirty. Please wear closed in shoes for safety. You are welcome to also bring a water bottle and your camera. 

  • looking for hotair balloon experience in brisbane, can you please send me the link for the gift voucher?

    Our hot air balloons fly in the Brisbane hinterland. Gift vouchers are available to purchase and will be open dated, valid for 36 months until the receiver chooses a date. All gift voucher options are available here- https://www.hotair.com.au/gift-vouchers

  • Is there parking available at the pick up sites (Canungra & Nerang)?

    Both locations have free parking available. At Nerang, please park in the carpark and meet us at the Seven/11. In Canungra please park across the road from the Visitor Information Centre. 

  • Is there a weight limit per person to go in the balloon?

    We do not have a maximum weight restriction for hot air ballooning Brisbane. As a safety requirement we do ask that all passengers can climb in and out of the balloon basket unassisted. If someone in your group is over 110kg please let us know as this will help with our balloon basket placements.

  • Im looking at doing the self drive from Brisbane. I was just wondering if you have one bus that picks up from each location or one bus per location, that picks up at each stop?

    Our balloon take off and landing sites change daily depending on the wind. Our final meeting location for our self drive guests is the Canungra Tourist Information Centre. Generally the transfer from there will take between 10-20 minutes pending on where we are launching the balloons from on the day. 

  • I'm looking for a gift voucher for an extended balloon flight in Brisbane area, without return transfers. Is it possible?

    Flights take place on the Brisbane hinterland. We have self drive meeting points at Nerang and Canungra.

    You can purchase a gift voucher for either the self drive daily departure or the self drive extended departure from our gift voucher page located here.

  • I would like to enquire on the ballooning at Brisbane, are you able to pick up from my hotel in the Brisbane City?

    Door to door transfers are available from your Brisbane city hotel accommodation on our Brisbane daily departure. Including transfers, balloon ride and vineyard breakfast at O'Reilly's Vineyard.

    Daily departure most up to date pricing available here or if you are wanting to upgrade to our extended flight for the same inclusions but double the flight time pricing is available here

  • Are our hot air balloon tickets fully refundable?

    In the event that hot air balloon Brisbane has to reschedule the departure due to weather we will offer an alternative day to travel or a 100% refund.

    We do have a 48 hr cancellation policy, if you change your mind please advise us before this time and we will refund any money paid in full. Please click here see our full Terms and Conditions.

  • Im looking at a gift voucher for my Grandmother, who is 90! Is it possible for her to complete a balloon ride? She is quite able for her age!

    That's an incredible gift idea! There's no maximum age for a balloon adventure with us. We've recently updated our services to be more accessible, so our friendly staff are on hand to assist with getting in and out of the basket. We also provide steps and footholds at the basket's entry point. However, for safety reasons, all passengers must be able to stand for the duration of the flight. You can find more details in our terms and conditions.

  • We are a family of 3 and interested in ballooning in Brisbane this weekend, is there still availability?

    Weekends can be our most popular day with locals and visitors. We recommend booking at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment.

    If you are not able to book online for the date you would like to travel please check with our reservation team either on our website chat or by phoning us, we are available 8am - 8pm AEST daily. 

  • We bought the photos of our hot air balloon flight ,but we dont know where to download or get those photos?

    Photos from the day you traveled on a balloon ride from Brisbane can be found at www.hotair.info you will need to password from the back of your flight certificate to access the pictures.

    Once you have made a purchase your images will be emailed to you to download. 

  • Is there any offers cheaper than what you have on your website?

    The offers we have listed in our website is our up to date best price available. If you can find a cheaper price please email us ([email protected]). As Hot Air Ballooning is a specialised activity in Brisbane we have limited availability and we will sell out most days. 

  • I am wanting to book one person for a Brisbane pick up, it this possible?

    While we try to accommodate everyone where possible, unfortunately we will not confirm our Brisbane City transfers for bookings of 3 or less. We are able to make your reservation however you will be wait listed until the minimum number is reached. Alternatively we do have daily self drive options available with no minimum numbers required.

  • Where do you fly in Brisbane?

    We take off and land in the Brisbane Hinterland which is approximately an hour drive from Brisbane City. We fly inland from the coast as the weather conditions are much more reliable for us to schedule daily departures. We pick up from most hotels and serviced apartments in Brisbane CBD and have meeting locations in Kangaroo Point or Mt Gravatt, Sunny Bank and Browns Plains. We also have self drive meeting locations in the hinterland at Canungra or Nerang. 

  • ​How can I see the photos taken from my Brisbane balloon flight?

    You can see the photos from your flight at www.hotair.info

    Select Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast/Brisbane as your location, the year, month then day your traveled. On the back of the flight certificate you received on the day you will find your photo password. You will need this to login to your photos. If you have misplaced your certificate please click on our live chat button on our website or please email us at [email protected] and we will issue with a new password.

  • My brother-in-law has had 3 hip replacements. He till plays Outdoor Bowls often. Would he be able to join us in a flight?

    All participants must be able to climb into and out of the basket which is 1.2 meters in height with two footholds in the side to use like a step ladder and stand for the duration of the flight. It is essential to have the mobility to be able to do this. If you have any doubts you should speak with your Doctor for advice prior to booking a Hot Air Balloon ride from Brisbane.

  • Hey is there any offer if we book for 3 people?

    Our rates are per person. Ballooning is a very popular activities and we do sell out most days so unfortunately for groups less than than six passengers we are unable to quote a group rate for Hot Air Ballooning from Brisbane.

  • Is there a self drive option for the Brisbane hot air balloon experience?

    Our self drive meeting locations are in the Brisbane Hinterland at either Nerang Fair Shopping Centre or Canungra Tourist Information Centre. Self drive package includes return coach transfers from Nerang / Canungra to the launch site, Classic Hot Air Balloon Ride and breakfast at O'Reilly's Vineyard. We will drop you back to your pick up location after breakfast.

  • If it is raining on the day in Brisbane we are going ballooning, what will be the back up plan?

    If the weather is not suitable we will contact you by 5pm the day prior to departure. If on the day we are unable to operate due to the conditions we will offer and alternative date to travel or a full refund.  If you wish to change or chancel your booking, please advise us more than 48 hours prior to your departure for no cancellation fees, inside 48 hours incur 100% cancellation fee. 

  • How many meters up do you go in the air in the balloon in Brisbane?

    On average balloons flying from Brisbane will reach approximately 3000 ft (aprx. 1000 meters). This is a great height to view spectacular mountains, valleys, waterways, bushland and local wildlife hopping by.

  • How come hot air balloons leave so early in Brisbane?

    Hot air ballooning requires cooler air temperatures and stable wind patterns that generally are at their best within the first few hours of daylight in Australia. In Brisbane we are fortunate that the weather conditions for ballooning are suitable year round meaning we can schedule flights daily with a very good take off rate! You will also agree that the early morning is a spectacular time to be floating above the beautiful Brisbane hinterland.

  • When the balloons fly in Brisbane what makes them float?

    Hot Air Balloons fly because hot air rises. The pilot will heat the air inside the balloon envelope. This makes the air inside hotter than the outside temperature causing the balloon to float upwards. As the air cools in the balloon it will go back down. To make it go back up again to make the balloon float for longer the pilot will release more heat. 

  • ​How much does it cost to go up in a hot air balloon around Brisbane?

    Pricing is available here

  • Are there any weight maximums for going hot air ballooning?

    There are no weight restrictions. When you book, if someone in your group is over 100kg if you could please let us know as this helps us when we are allocating you a place to stand in the balloon. 

    The safety requirement is that all passengers can climb in and out of the basket unassisted. The basket stands 1.2 meters in height and there are two foot holds in the side of the basket that you can use like a ladder to assist the climb and stand for the duration of the flight. 

  • How many people fit in a hot air balloon basket?

    We can take up to 24 people in one basket. This does vary daily as it is dependent on our loadings and the air temperatures. Commercial balloon baskets in Brisbane can take between 15-24 people so it will be you and a few others on board.

  • How long are the balloon flights from Brisbane?

    We offer a full morning experience, from our first greeting to the last handshake goodbye. Something that makes it feel personal & Special   We always fly to prevailing condition, guests experience and safety as a #1 priorities

    We prioritise a safe flight and suitable landing location over meeting any flight duration targets. More than half our flights are between 40-65 minutes.

    Hot Air sets the standard in the industry with our approach to flight durations, addressing the timeless query: "how long will the flight be?" Discover how our company distinguishes itself from the majority of hot air balloon operators by emphasising "flying to the conditions" rather than pledging fixed flight times. Our priority is safety, not adhering strictly to a clock.

    For more details, visit our website: https://www.hotair.com.au/experience-hot-air-ballooning-without-time-constraints-safe-exciting-and-progressive-approach

  • I purchased a photo last night and left my email address, but I haven't received any email yet?

    Firstly please check your junk mail folder as sometimes new contacts are filtered to this folder. If it is not there please send us your email address and we will follow up with our photo team to see what the processing issue is. 

  • Can you collect 7 people from Brisbane CBD?

    We pick up from most hotels or serviced apartments in the CBD, Southbank area. If you are from the southern suburbs we also have a meeting point at Upper Mt Gravatt.

  • We live in Brisbane and want to get accommodation on friday and Saturday night in the Tamborine area for a Saturday morning balloon flight. Can you advise of accommodation?

    There are lots of great places to stay in the Tamborine Mountain and Hinterland region. We have some suggestions on our website in the Hinterland Getaways section. we meet at the Canungra Tourist Information Center and will drop you back there after your experience. 

  • What is included with breakfast? Are there drinks other than sparkling wine available?

    At breakfast there are both hot cooked and continental options available. Also served as well as a complimentary glass of sparkling wine is Tea, Coffee, Juice and water. If you have dietary requirements please let us know so we can cater to your needs. 

  • How do we check in online?

    You can check in online and confirm the details of your booking at www.hotair.com.au/reconfirm  you will need your booking ID number which is a six digit number and the name your booking is under. 

  • Do you have any balloon rides available near Brisbane?

    We launch the balloons in the Brisbane Hinterland which is approx one hour drive from the Brisbane CBD. Transfers are available from hotel accommodation in the Brisbane CBD and some surrounding Brisbane suburbs.

  • Can I make a reservation tomorrow? What is the latest I can book?

    Our reservations are open from 8am until 8pm AEST daily. If we still have availability you can book the day before your departure. We sell out most days so we recommend you book in advance to ensure you get your desired travel date.

  • What is the closest self driving meeting location coming from Brisbane?

    When doing the self drive option from Brisbane we meet at either Nerang Fair Shopping Centre or at Canungra Tourist Information centre. 

  • We were due to be collected this morning at 4am. We have still not been collected and are worried as we have no contact/ instructions for what we should do?

    We recommend you reconfirm you booking at least 24 hours prior to your departure to ensure all of your details are correct. If on the morning you are concerned about your pick up please do not hesitate to contact us right away. Our contact number diverts directly to the driver who will be able to promptly assist you with your query.

  • I want to do this, but am one person and need to do next Sunday or Monday . Is this possible?

    Our departures from Brisbane do require a minimum of two people to confirm the transfer.  You can always contact us on our online chat between 8am and 8pm and we can advise you dates that are available for single travellers from Brisbane CBD. Alternatively we do have our self drive option which is available to single travellers.
  • I am a vegan, will there by options available at breakfast after my balloon flight?

    We can cater to vegan meal requirements at O'reilly's Vineyard for breakfast after hot air ballooning. To ensure our team can cater to you please ensure you advise our team when you book of your requirements.

  • Do you cater to vegetarians for the breakfast after ballooning?

    There are lots of options available for the buffet breakfast at O'Reilly's Vineyard after your balloon flight. Vegetarians have continental and cooked breakfast options that will cater to all your breakfast needs.

  • ​How much is a balloon flight for two people in Brisbane if we want transfers in the City?

    Our classic flights are self drive, meeting in Nerang or Canungra. We also have luxury packages, inclusions and pricing is available here
  • Ballooning in Brisbane, does it operate Christmas Day?

    ​The only days that ballooning does not operate is Christmas Day (25th December) and New Years Day (1st January) Outside of these days Brisbane hot air ballooning is scheduled to depart daily. We recommend you book at least a week ahead to time as ballooning is very popular.

  • Am I able to change my pick up location and drop off location in Brisbane please?

    ​Yes you can change your ballooning pick up point up until the day before you travel. Please contact our reservations staff to update them with your new details, phone (07) 3139 1329 email [email protected] We pick up from most hotels in the Brisbane CBD and have meeting locations in Kangaroo Point, Mt Gravatt and Browns Plains. Ask us about our self drive meeting locations for a discounted rate.

  • What is considered a child for flying in a Brisbane hot air balloon?

    Our terms and conditions show ages are form 3 years to 14 years old to purchase a child ballooning ticket. Children must have already had their third birthday to fly. travellers under 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Ballooning in Brisbane is a great activity for the whole family. Spectators are welcome to come along with flying passengers and watch the flight from the ground (charged apply). Spectators will join the exciting balloon chase. pack up games and breakfast at the vineyard. 

  • I'm self driving, where do I meet?

    If you are self driving you can meet us either at Nerang (74-98 Beaudesert-Nerang Rd) or at Canunrga (14 Kidston St). The meet time changes with the season so upon booking you will be advised the meet time when you advise which location you wish to meet us at. 

  • With the vineyard Breakfast, my mother doesn't drink, is that ok?

    There are a range of beverages available that are included in your breakfast like Tea, Coffee, Juice and water.

  • how long beforehand should I book if I want to fly from brisbane?

    We recommend booking at least a week in advance but between November to March, that is our busiest times and we suggest booking earlier than that. Weekends are always popular with locals.

    Keep in mind special dates, like public holidays and always sell out, so book in advance to secure your place. 

  • Do you fly over O'Reilly's Vineyard or do you land at O'Reilly's?

    No, we do not land at or fly over O'Reilly's Vineyard. After your Hot Air Balloon ride our coach will meet us at the landing site and drive you to O'Reilly's Vineyard to enjoy breakfast.

  • Can I extend my Brisbane Hot Air Balloon Gift voucher?

    Yes, you can extend a gift voucher for an additional 3 months for $25-​. Please contact us for an extension before your voucher expires, you can chat to our team on our website with the online chat or by calling and speaking to a team member, available daily between 8am and 8pm AEST. Please have your ticket reference number available.

  • Do you fly over Brisbane city?

    We fly over the Brisbane Hinterland, not over Brisbane City. You will however have a great view of Brisbane while flying on a clear day.

    The Scenic Rim region is a thriving rural paradise set in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and surrounded by World Heritage-Listed national parks. Your flight will offer views of Mount Mareron, Mount Edwards and Mount Barney, as well as many farms and vineyards in the area. You may also spot some local wildlife such as Kangaroos. Kookaburras, Horses and cows. 

  • How do they fly?

    Great question! Hot air balloon flight is truly a unique and fascinating experience. It all boils down to a very basic scientific principle: hot air rises. Here's a simple breakdown of the process:

    1. Inflation: We start by laying the balloon envelope out on the ground and filling it with cold air using a powerful fan. This begins to shape the balloon.

    2. Heating: Once it's inflated, we heat the air inside the balloon with a propane burner. As the air inside the balloon gets warmer than the outside air, the balloon starts to rise.

    3. Ascending and Descending: The pilot controls the altitude of the balloon by managing the temperature inside the envelope. Heating the air makes the balloon go up, and letting it cool makes the balloon come down.

    4. Steering: Hot air balloons can't be steered in the traditional sense. They go wherever the wind takes them. However, winds at different altitudes can have different directions and speeds, so by changing altitude, the pilot can have some control over the balloon's course.

    5. Landing: When it's time to land, the pilot locates a suitable landing site and gradually decreases the balloon's altitude by allowing the air to cool or by venting hot air.

    Our flights can take you anywhere from 5 to 30 kilometres, depending on wind speed and flight duration. We choose the take-off location based on the wind directions and speeds around the district at the time, which also influences the distance flown. While it's rare for our balloons to land in the same place they take off, occasionally the winds allow for a "box" flight to be flown. More typically, the wind will carry you on a beautiful journey across the countryside.

    Hot air ballooning is truly a marvel of science and nature combined, and we can't wait for you to experience it with us!

  • If I have a 1pm flight from Brisbane Airport, will I be able to go Hot Air Ballooning the same morning?

    Yes, we return you to Brisbane CBD by approximately 10:30am, so you will have enough time to go ballooning before your afternoon flight.

  • Will we be back in Brisbane at our hotel before lunch?

    Yes you will arrive back to your hotel after ballooning and vineyard breakfast at approximately 10.30am.

  • How long before I want to fly should I book?

    Great question! We're thrilled that you're planning to fly with us. Given the popularity of our balloon rides (locals love us, too!), we recommend booking at least a week in advance to secure your preferred date. If you have a specific date in mind, it's best to book one to two weeks ahead.

    Bear in mind, weekends in Gold Coast and Brisbane get booked up quickly, and special occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Easter are often reserved several weeks in advance.

    Curious about availability? Our live web checkout displays real-time booking availability to help guide your planning process.

    And remember, one of the perks of booking directly with us (the actual operators, not a third party) is our flexible policy. All our tickets are 100% refundable, transferable, and valid for one year, subject to our cancellation policy. So you can book with peace of mind, knowing we've got you covered.

    Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the skies! We can't wait to share the magic of hot air ballooning with you.