• I'm staying in Port Douglas and have my own car, can I meet your buses somewhere?

    Please meet us at the Mareeba heritage centre times to meet there vary on the seasons so please contact us to confirm what time you should meet us. There is free and easily accessible parking. Please contact 0740 399900 if you are concerned you have missed your pick up. Our drivers will be able to help you on the phone between 3.30am - 5.30am daily. Any questions out of this time please contact our reservations team between 8am - 8pm 7 days a week.

  • I want to go to Kuranda after the hot air balloon ride, can I finish the tour there?

    We are able to drop off in the heart of Kuranda for you to explore at your own leisure. Please be aware transfers from Kuranda back to Cairns will need to be made by your own arrangements. You may also consider taking the Skyrail or Scenic Rail Way back as an alternative.

  • I want to book a flight just for myself, do you offer single tickets or do I have to be in a group?

    You are welcome to book just for 1 person. Our balloon baskets have a various number of groups and single travellers flying every morning. While we try to accommodate everyone where possible, unfortunately we will not confirm our Port Douglas transfers for bookings of 3 or less. We are able to make your reservation however you will be wait listed until the minimum number is reached. Alternatively we do have daily self drive options available with no minimum numbers required.

  • Can I have my wedding on the balloon?

    Yes, we can hold your wedding on our Hot Air Balloons. To be married in Queensland you will require a celebrant and two witnesses over 18 years of age to witness your marriage, do be aware you must lodge your intention to marry with a court house at least 30 days prior to your intended to be wed date. you must organise your own celebrant, we do not do this for you.  Your flight can be a private charter or non exclusive. We can help you arrange the details if you email us your intended date, how many people and the departure location to [email protected]

  • I was wondering if I can see the Great barrier reef from my balloon flight over Port Douglas?

    We fly on the Atherton Tablelands which is a 1 hour drive away from Port Douglas.  As Atherton is inland you will be unable to see the reef from the balloon basket. You will be able to see the mountain range and farmland that the Atherton area is known for. This area has more stable weather conditions and is perfect for Hot Air ballooning. If you would like to go to the reef, Hot Air does a number of combo tours and can drop you to the reef boats after your balloon flight.

  • I am scared of heights, do you recommend that I do this flight?

    Our balloons do reach heights of 3000-6000 feet. The balloon flight is very smooth and peaceful. You are secure standing in our basket as the basket is 1.2m high and we follow all regulations set by CASA. It is up to you personally whether you would like to fly but we have had people who fear heights fly with us and thoroughly enjoy their experience. 


  • I don't have a car to do self drive, can you pick me up from Port Douglas?

    We do offer transfers from Port Douglas from most hotels and serviced apartments, it is included in the product price. We can either drop you back to your hotel or to another tour after your balloon flight. 

  • Can you help me download the photos from the day I flew?

    Please make sure you have purchased your photos from www.hotair.info and then you should be able to download a physical copy. 

  • Can I pay for my booking over live chat?

    Yes our chat line is very secure as we have a valid green lock in the search bar. 

  • Can I go scuba diving before my balloon flight?

    It is recommended that you wait 18 hours after your scuba dive to go Hot Air Ballooning. To avoid any risk, we suggest that you fly the in the balloon first and then do your scuba trip. It relates to balancing ear pressure, please double check with you scuba diving instruction to confirm.

  • What should I wear for my balloon flight in Port Doulgas?

    As our take off and landing points are on rural farming land we suggest no light coloured clothing to avoid any clothing getting dirty. Please wear closed in shoes for safety. You are welcome to also bring a water bottle and your camera. It can become cooler in winter especially during take off of the balloon so please make sure you wear comfortable layered clothing and a hat if you have one with you

  • Do you transfer from Port Douglas after the ballooning and skyrail?

    When booking the Port Douglas hot air balloon and skyrail package Hot Air will arrange your transfer back to Port Douglas after all activities have finished. After ballooning your Hot Air driver will issue you with a ticket advising where you need to meet your transfer and the name of the bus company.

  • Port Douglas balloons depart very early, why is that?

    Weather conditions play a very big role in flying hot air balloons. We fly in the early hours of the morning while there are cooler temperatures and less wind. In Port Douglas we are very lucky that the weather conditions are some of the best in the world for ballooning which means we have scheduled departures daily all year. 

  • Can I stand in front our Port Douglas hotel and wait for Hot Air Balloon pick up?

    Please wait in the lobby/reception of your hotel. Your Hot Air Balloon Port Douglas driver will come in and collect you so you are not waiting outside in the early hours of the morning. Hot Air Ballooning is very weather dependant so it is important that you are ready to leave when your driver arrives or you will miss your flight. Please have your ticket or booking confirmation ready to show the driver. If you are concerned about your pick up on the day please call +617403999900

  • I only have an international number, will you be able to reach me for our hot air balloon ride?

    We can call and sms international numbers but we do need to know the international country code (number with + at the beginning). When you book your balloon ride from Port Douglas please make sure we know which country you are traveling from and all of your best contact details in case we need to reach you.

  • I can't confirm the reservation for Hot Air Balloon flight, what so I do?

    To reconfirm your Port Douglas balloon flight you can visit our online confirmation www.hotair.com.au/reconfirm  you will need your booking ID number ( 6 digit confirmation number) and the name on the reservation. Alternatively you can call 07 4015 2622 or email [email protected] and our team can help direct you.

  • I would like to have a ride for 7 people, can we all fit in the same Port Douglas balloon basket together?

    Yes we can have group bookings all traveling in the same balloon basket. Commercial balloon basket loadings vary daily pending on conditions, the can take between 16-24 people at a time.

  • What would the price be for a 16 year old student to go hot air ballooning from Port Douglas?

    An adult fair is priced for ages 13 years and above. Including transfers door to door transfer from Port Douglas and classic balloon ride. Current pricing https://www.hotair.com.au/port-douglas

  • Is there any offers cheaper than what you have on your website?

    The offers we have listed in our website is our up to date best price available. If you can find a cheaper price please email us ([email protected]). As Hot Air Ballooning is a specialised activity in Port Douglas we have limited availability and we will sell out most days. 

  • Where do you Fly in Port Douglas?

    Port Douglas hot air ballooning takes place in the highlands of the Atherton Tablelands, approximately an hour drive south west from Port Douglas.  We fly inland from the coast as the weather conditions are much more reliable and permit us to schedule daily departures all year round. Transfers are available from most hotels in Port Douglas or we also have self drive options meeting in Mareeba.
  • when do you start the flying in the balloon once you have been picked up?

    The exact launching time of the Hot Air Balloon can change daily depending on the season, flight conditions. Once you have been picked up from your hotel in Port Douglas and taken to the launch site, theses times vary daily also pending on the launch site and your pick up location. Each balloon is launched when the flight and pilot are ready for launch. 

  • How high will the balloon go up in the air over Port Douglas?

    Hot air balloons departing Port Douglas will reach approximately 3000ft up in the air. The height that they are able to fly depends on the air temperatures and the wind patterns on the day. You will be able to see a patchwork of mountains, valleys and Australian bushland. On the way down keep your eye out for local wildlife hopping by! 

  • Port Douglas balloons depart very early, why is that?

    Weather conditions play a very big role in flying hot air balloons. We fly in the early hours of the morning while there are cooler temperatures and less wind. In Port Douglas we are very lucky that the weather conditions are some of the best in the world for ballooning which means we have scheduled departures daily all year. 

  • What is it that makes the balloons go up when you fly from Port Douglas?

    Hot air fills the balloon attached to a wicker basket causing it to float. Heat rises and when mixed with the cool air inside the balloon envelope this is what makes the balloon rise and drop. As the temperature in the balloon drops the balloon will come back down to land.

  • ​How much does it cost to go up in a hot air balloon over Port Douglas?

    Ballooning from Port Douglas is self drive, meeting in Mareeba. Our self drive meeting location is approximately a 1hour drive from Port Douglas so make sure you leave plenty of time to get there in the morning. Pricing is available here

  • My partner is 100kg can they still fly in the balloon?

    Yes, we do not have any weight restrictions. If someone booking is over 100kg we ask that you advise us when you make your booking as it will help us with our balloon allocations.

    It is a requirement however that all passengers can climb in and out of our 1.2 meter high basket which is done by two foot holds in the side of the basket and stand for the duration of the flight.

  • Will there be other people in the basket with us?

    On our daily departure the largest balloon basket can hold between 15 to 24 people at a time. This however varies daily as it is dependent on the air temperatures and the loadings on the day you depart. 

  • From Port Douglas how long will you be in the Air?

    Our flight time varies daily. Hot Air sets the standard in the industry with our approach to flight durations, addressing the timeless query: "how long will the flight be?" Discover how our company distinguishes itself from the majority of hot air balloon operators by emphasising "flying to the conditions" rather than pledging fixed flight times. Our priority is safety, not adhering strictly to a clock.

    For more details, visit our website: https://www.hotair.com.au/experience-hot-air-ballooning-without-time-constraints-safe-exciting-and-progressive-approach

  • Do I have to pay for my hot air balloon tickets in Port Douglas when I make the booking?

    We will require your credit card details and full payment (unless you use ZipPay) to confirm your tickets. If you cancel outside of our 48 hour cancellation policy, or your flight is cancelled due to weather and not rescheduled you will receive a 100% refund.

  • I'm interested in booking the ballooning Port Douglas and Quicksilver Great Barrier Reef tour. Do you pick up from our Port Douglas hotel?

    Yes, return transfer on this package is included from Port Douglas Hotels and serviced apartments, following the ballooning experience we will drop you directly to the Marina in time for your 10am Quicksilver departure. 

  • We are going to self drive and want to know the meeting time?

    Ww meet at the Mareeba Heritage Centre. The meeting times vary in summer and winter, During summer the meeting time will be approx 4.30am and during winter approx 5.30am, exact timing is advised upon booking. 

  • I am wanting to purchase a hot air balloon gift certificate for port douglas, I would like it to be an hour long flight, is this possible?

    Yes we offer this as a gift voucher that can be found at www.hotair.com.au/gift-vouchers  All our gift vouchers are open dated for 36 months from the date of purchase. 

  • Can you see the Great Barrier Reef from your hot air Balloons?

    Can you see the Great Barrier Reef from your hot air Balloons?
    Due to flying restrictions and safety we are not able to fly over the Great Barrier Reef. Ballooning takes place in the Port Douglas Highlands of the Atherton Tablelands. 
    The conditions in the tablelands are some of the most suitable for ballooning and we are able to take off most days all year round. Transfers are available from most hotels and apartments in Port Douglas
    or we have self drive options that meet in Mareeba (approximately a 60 minute drive).
  • Do I just enter my credit card details and they will charge me on the day for our Atherton Tablelands balloon flight?

    If you choose to pay for your balloon ticket on the day we will still require your credit cards details to confirm your booking. On the morning you can pay directly to our driver with cash, credit card, Alipay or Paypal. 

    To opt to pay on the day, when making your booking once you get to the payment section, input your credit card details and tick the "Pay on Board" button below. 

  • We are visiting Port Douglas, how much does a balloon ticket cost?​ ​

    There are a couple of options available, please check thispage for up to date pricing https://www.hotair.com.au/port-douglas


  • We are visiting Port Douglas over Christmas, do you operate the balloons Christmas Day?

    Port Douglas balloon flights do not operate Christmas Day (25th December) and New Years day (1st January). Outside of these two days balloon flights are scheduled daily from Port Douglas. We recommend booking your flights around one week before you want to travel to avoid missing out.

  • We are staying in Port Douglas. Am I able to change my pick location and drop off locations please?

    Updates to your balloon flight pick up can be made up until the day before you travel. To change your pick up please email [email protected] or phone (07) 4015 2622 our reservations team for your new pick up time. Alternatively if you have your own transport ask them about the self drive options meeting in Mareeba.​

  • What shall I wear when snorkelling after our Port Douglas balloon ride?

    After ballooning on the Atherton Tablelands you will be transferred to Port Douglas where you will meet Quicksilver cruises who will take you to the Agincourt Ribbon Reef for the day. You will need your bathers, hat, towel and sunscreen. Snorkelling equipment including mask, snorkel, flippers, life jackets and stinger suits are all included in the package for you to use at the pontoon. Extra flotation devices including foam noodles are also available for your convenience. Lunch on the pontoon is also provided and light refreshments and a bar are available on board the vessel. Be dazzled by the amazing underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. 

  • For Hot Air Ballooning in Port Douglas, what is the child minimun age for a ride?

    We're thrilled you're considering a balloon ride for your little one! The minimum age for children to fly with us is 3 years old. Children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult and we require proof of age for kids between 3 and 5 years old. Just a heads up, our baskets stand at 1.2 meters tall with footholds to aid climbing in and out.

    For more details, check out our terms and conditions.

  • What should I bring for my balloon ride in Port Douglas?

    Dress casual with sensible sturdy shoes. We suggest you bring sunglasses, hat / cap and dress in layered clothing. During the morning as the sun comes up, the day will become warmer. Remember there is so much to see from a different perspective, you will want to capture it all, your camera is welcomed aboard. Don't forget your cash or credit card for that extra special souvenir of your fantastic hot air balloon experience. 

  • How long beforehand should I book if I want to fly from Port Douglas?

    We recommend booking at least a week in advance but between November to March, that is our busiest times and we suggest booking earlier than that.

    Keep in mind special dates and public holidays always sell out, so book in advance to secure your place. 

  • Do you fly over Port Douglas?

     Hot Air choses their take off locations for their excellent conditions throughout the year, as well as their spectacular scenery Hot Air doesn't fly in Port Douglas but we have return transfers available from Port Douglas. Hot Air flies on the Atherton Hinterland as Mareeba is a perfect place for hot air ballooning, just over one hour drive from Port Douglas. Hot Air Balloons are weather dependent, however Hot Air’s locations, a drive west of the Australian east coast in the Atherton Tablelands which is one of the most reliable in the world for ballooning

  • What can I see from the Balloon when we fly over Atherton tablelands?

    You will mostly be flying over Mareeba, in the local Aboriginal language, Mareeba means meeting of the waters - referring to the point at which the Barron River is joined by Granite Creek. Mareeba is a small country town that has many types of farms such as mangoes, lychees, bananas and sugar. You can see the mountain range which is flooded in sunlight early in the morning. The Atherton tablelands have a large ecosystem and from the balloon basket you could see Kanagroos, cows, horses, cockatoos and small winding rivers.