Cairns Car Hire Guide

Discover Australia with a local Cairns car hire
Cairns has the largest number of independent car hire companies in Australia, so it is always recommended to shop around and book your car hire well in advance. Depending on the location of your hotel, know that all Cairns things to do day tours, almost all offer return transfers included in the ticket price. So possibly you will not need a hire car for your entire holiday but maybe for just one or two days to get to special places that have few tourists and in some cases, the cost of the hire car can save you money rather than getting transfers from the Cairns day tour.
Savings on Cairns car hire, will all be dependent on how many family and friends you have to travel in the hire car.
For example, if you pick up any hire car at Cairns Airport, there is an additional levy that the hire car companies incur from Cairns Airport. If there are two of you travelling, it is cheaper to catch a taxi to your hotel than take a Airport bus. If there are four of you, it may be cheaper to pickup the hire car at Cairns airport.
Australia road rules mean that when you hire a car you must drive on the left side of the road. About a quarter of the world (e.g., Australia, Japan, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK) lives in countries where people drive on the left side of the road. If you are from China you are used to driving on the right side of the road. We suggest using a GPS or a map based audio phone instructions and you will easily drive around Cairns.
Cairns city has one major highway to the north and one major highway to the south and from Cairns Airport it is only a 10 minute drive to Cairns city hotels or a 20 minute drive to Cairns beaches hotels, it is very simple driving. To drive from Cairns city to spend a day at Palm Cove beach it is simple, turn right from Cairns city, drive 20 minutes on two lane highway, then turn right at beach.
To drive to Kuranda the village in the rainforest, it is a 35 minute drive from Cairns city up a small mountain that is covered in wonderful rainforest, drive to the speed of 60km on this road and drive carefully.
To save on Cairns day tour transfers consider all of these self drive tours that save you more ;
Hot Air Balloon Cairns self drive tour  
Cairns Hot Air Balloon Self Drive, meet on Atherton Tablelands at Mareeba, then visit Kuranda Village in the rainforest on the return drive to Cairns.
Port Douglas self drive tour
Atherton Tablelands Waterfall Tour
So if you wish to hire a hire car for a day to drive to the mountains or fly in a cairns hot air balloon or walk in the rainforest or the waterfalls, then check your inclusions in any cairns itinerary you have booked, consider how many travelling with you, calculate if you do save money or don't and then have fun with a Cairns car hire during your holiday. To make it easy for you, here is the total list of companies located in Cairns.