K Munro, Australia
What a day!
First we went on the balloon ride over the tablelands with our pilot Bob, I was not expecting it to be so calm, I didnt even realise we launched. It was a bright clear morning so the sky light up and it was so beautiful. Then once we landing we had a laugh packing up the balloon, our driver then dropped us at the Marina in Port Douglas for our reef trip. The reef trip was awesome too, once we arrived the boat pulled up to a pontoon which had an underwater viewing area. Snorkeling was easy off the pontoon as there was a platform submerged so you could put your snorkel on and just swim out. Lunch was a nice fresh hot and cold buffet. Everything we needed was provided, all the snorkeling equipment, stinger suits (which were also great for sun protection), semi submersible boat ride and there was even fresh water showers available to rinse all the seawater off. We would definitely do it all over again!