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The Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation is a small family owned and operated boutique coffee plantation and roastery specialising in producing high quality gourmet coffee, located just a mere 40km west of the stunning Gold Coast beaches, in Mount Tamborine. Countryside is hilly and the drive is fun with beautiful scenery. There’s so much to explore in the area and after a lovely day of driving around, trying the local produce and seeing the local sights, you should definitely call in at The Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation. Their coffee is simply amazing. It is so smooth and rich and gives you quite a buzz! And to top it off, the small boutique coffee plantation and cafe is so lovely that you will just want to stay longer to enjoy a few cups of delicious coffee.

You can choose from either the MTCP Organic Coffee or the Black Magic Coffee. The MTCP coffee is a rich and smooth coffee which is grown organically on the estate. It has a moderate amount of caffeine in it, making it perfect with an afternoon snack. The coffee has a slightly sweet and caramelish flavour. It is said that the coffee is naturally sweet because the beans are handpicked when they are ripe and are also processed by hand. The special beans are medium roasted so as not to lose any of the unique characteristics.
Then there is 'Black Magic', which has been sourced from the world's highest caffeine rated beans. The beans definitely offer a big caffeine hit, and history has seen various tribesmen drinking the coffee before activities that required stamina or alertness. These beans are roasted medium to dark which means that they come off with a full bodied flavour without being bitter.

The plants have been selected from the world's finest stock. The rich volcanic soil, pure mountain water and high altitude (550 metres above sea level), combined with their organic growing principles, make their beans some of the most sought after in Australia and the world. They even let you have a look around the coffee plants out the back where it is grown if you are interested.

Before you start enjoying your drive in the area, try hot air ballooning too, it is a great way to see the area of Mount Tamborine and beautiful national parks around. Drive to Canungra Tourist Information Centre to join the tour with Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast, enjoy the floating sensation in a hot air balloon with amazing views, and delicious breakfast afterwards at a Vineyard. You can then start exploring the area for the rest of your day, make sure you make a stop at The Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation especially if you are a coffee lover.


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Alpine Terrace, Mount Tamborine, Queensland, Australia

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Mount Tamborine Coffee Plantation 
64 Alpine Terrace, Mount Tamborine
Queensland, 4272, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5545 3856

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