Gold Coast Weather Forecast and Radar for Hot Air

Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast operates in one of the best flying areas in the country, thanks to Queensland's year-round warm climate. We closely monitor weather patterns to ensure your flight is safe and enjoyable.

Reliable Weather, Reliable Flights

Flying inland in the Gold Coast Hinterland provides us with a more reliable takeoff record. Coastal flights can be more unpredictable due to coastal winds and ocean weather patterns. However, we prioritise your safety above all and cancel very few flights each year due to weather conditions.

Up To Date Weather Information from the Experts

Our team of pilots are weather experts. They communicate daily with the local Bureau of Meteorology office to get the most accurate weather information. This is supplemented by our own local weather balloons and observations. Afternoon and evening thunderstorms are common in the area during summer, but they usually pass overnight, leaving clear blue skies the next morning.

Self Service Portal Weather Information

For those who have made a booking with us, you can check the pilot's weather forecast for your respective booking date through the 'Manage My Booking' self-service portal. This portal provides you with information such as the temperature, weather condition, and any special recommendations for the day of your flight. For example, you might see a message like '8 °C, looking like a beautiful day for your hot air balloon ride with us. Please bring a hat to wear, sunglasses, outdoor enclosed footwear and your camera.'

Manage My Booking self service weather information
Example weather information.
Manage My Booking self service travel information
Example what to bring information.

We value our communication with you. Please provide your contact phone details when booking so we can reach out if necessary.