Hot Air Balloon Agents Pages and Resources

Online Tour Reservations Available for Qualified Agents over the Internet
Our direct, secure access booking portal is available to qualified & approved travel agents offering live hot air balloon ride reservations & pickup time confirmation, also live booking editing and cancellations.

The site requires a username and password issued by Hot Air Balloon to enter. Access is only available to Qualified Agents 
Cairns Agents Phone: +61 7 4039 9900 Fax: +61 7 4039 9999
Gold Coast Agents Phone: 07 5636 1508
Internet: or email: 

Hot Air Balloon News & Media Releases
High quality vision and Print Images  of ballooning with hot air are readily available  as broadcast quality copies of Hot Air footage are available to qaulified media on DVD as avi files. Please email or phone us to discuss your requirements.

Online Gallery
Images are available to qaulified agents and media, who wish to feature Hot Air. Please contact us by phone or email to confirm the use of these images & your acceptance that Full credit details will be attributed to Hot Air & copyright remains with Hot Air Balloon Image Gallery