Sky's the Limit: Our Team Elevates the Game at ATE23!

Ready for some sky-high news? Our vibrant crew from Hot Air Balloon Cairns and Gold Coast recently floated all the way to the 43rd Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE23), the tourism industry's most awaited and largest annual event. And let us tell you, they've done us proud!

Our company, known for its innovation and tech-savviness, was represented by our fantastic foursome: Andrew Steel, Tony Shima, Sarah Colgate, and Clayton Priddle. Their dedication, passion, and expertise in the hot air ballooning sector were on full display at ATE23.

Australian Tourism Exchange ATE23

This year, ATE23 was back to its traditional face-to-face format after a couple of years of hybrid versions. The event took place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from 30th April to 4th May 2023. It was like a grand tourism carnival where businesses, wholesalers, retailers, and the best in the industry from around the world gathered under one roof.


Our team didn't just attend – they soared! Among the 1,500 Australian seller delegates present, our star quartet showcased our unique hot air ballooning experiences, connecting with over 650 buyer delegates from more than 30 countries. They took them on a virtual ride through the picturesque skies of Cairns and Gold Coast, sharing stories and highlighting what makes us an industry leader in the tourism sector.

ATE23 Booth artwork from Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Cairns

Our team also seized the opportunity to learn from others, participating in networking events and gaining fresh perspectives on global tourism trends. The buzz and energy of ATE23 were simply electrifying, and our crew ensured we were at the heart of it, representing our brand with enthusiasm and pride.

In short, ATE23 was a blast, and our team came back with bags full of experiences, insights, and new contacts. And big high-fives to Andrew, Clayton, Sarah, and Tony - they truly represented the spirit of our company, and their dedication at ATE23 was nothing short of inspirational.

As we continue to soar high and explore new horizons, we can't wait to see what the next edition of ATE has in store for us. Until then, we'll be here, ready to take you on the most unforgettable hot air balloon ride of your life. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our adventures in the sky and beyond!

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