Breakfast at Rusty's Markets Cairns for fresh tropical fruit


To get the freshest produce in Cairns, head to Rusty’s Market which holds over 180 stalls . Located between Grafton and Sheridan street, Rusty’s is open 3 days a week, 5am-6pm on Friday and Saturday and 5am-3pm on Sunday. Besides fresh fruit and vegetables, like mangoes, pawpaws, bananas and the best tomatoes you’ve ever tasted, Rusty’s Markets offers fresh baked goods, books,clothing, dairy and meat products all from local farmers from the Atherton Tablelands, Mission Beach and Kuranda.



So to catch a glimpse of the real multicultural Cairns, head to Rusty’s to see the different number of cultural foods of offer from Japanese, Italian, Tongan, Vietnamese to Greek. Don’t just settle on just eating one thing, get small portions from lots of places and have a picnic at the eating spots in the markets or take a short walk to the esplanade and enjoy your food with a view. There are some fantastic local permanent food stalls or food vans that can give you the food you’re craving.



Make sure you allocate a few hours to exploring the markets, as they can be overwhelming sometimes and it takes time to see it all. Take your time seeing everything before you purchase anything as there are many stalls selling the same produce for different prices and you want to make sure you get the best price. As Rusty’s can get pretty packed you may have to do some waiting in line to get your items but don’t lose your patience too quickly or you might miss out on some delicious food.



To make your market experience as smooth as possible, there are some tips to help with your shopping. Make sure you bring cash and your own carry bags if possible as some vendors may not offer them. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as they are big markets you definitely want to explore the whole thing.



There is plenty of parking available if you have a Cairns hire car. There is two hours free above the markets but be careful parking on the street and pay attention to the parking signs as parking inspectors are there often and yes Fridays is absolutely the day, that many parking fines are issued, so always pay for parking while you are at Rustys markets in Cairns.



And don't forget, one of the best things to combine is to grab a delicious breakfast after your balloon flight with Hot Air, you can be ask your friendly driver to be dropped at Rusty’s if you fly on a market day, which is any Friday or Saturday. Rusty’s markets is very well located in Cairns and if you are staying in the city area it is a short and easy walk back to your Cairns hotel afterwards.