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Images Video and a summary of press and media comments on Hot Air Balloon Cairns flights on the date of 14th November 2012 during the Total Solar Eclipse.

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This Cairns Eclipse Page from Hot Air Balloon Cairns is under active development in the lead up to the day of the Eclipse and on the day of 14th 15th and 16th November we will post some of the best images and photos from our team of photographers and customers or local community on the day if they wish to submit them to us by email credit will be given so please include your name.

We will showcase about 20 of our best images here as a high resolution download here which may be used if attributed to Hot Air Balloon Cairns and included with a weblink to or or as appropriate

Hot Airs' Vimeo Video Channel will be updated on the afternoon and evening of 14th November. We intend to produce a documentary style 90 seconds of key footage for Vimeo and Youtube and will have other Wild HD footage available for purchase if you wish to make your own documentary please contact us for access.

Our Facebook Page will be updated during the morning of 14th November and be one of the first places to see some highlight videos and our customer stories and their own photo posts.
We encourage anyone travelling with us or community members with great photos to post to our Facebook page.

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Image Conditions of Use: Permission is freely granted to reproduce these images and video at when accompanied by an acknowledgment/credit: “Hot Air Balloon Cairns” or
画像やビデオについてはこちらよりご自由にご利用いただけます。 ご利用の際は必ずクレジットであるホットエアー バルーン ケアンズ と を動画または画像上で表記してください。 授权中国媒体单位可以自由使用从复制的所有图像和视频。当使用这些图片和视频时,请注明来源于“Hot Air 凯恩斯热气球”或 Permission frei gew?hrt, um diese Bilder und Video an reproduzieren "Hot Air Balloon Cairns" oder: wenn sie von einer Quittung / Kredit begleitet El permiso es concedido de forma gratuita para reproducir estas imágenes y vídeo en si van acompa ados por un reconocimiento / crédito:

hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012 hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012-dsc_215 hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012-dsc_216 hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012-dsc_01481 hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012-dsc_01511 hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012-dsc_01513 hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012-dsc_01541 hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012-DSC_9492-2 hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012-dsc_9518-2 hot-air-balloon-cairns-cairns-eclipse-14-nov-2012-img_5939 


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