Navigating a path to recovery through the COVID-19 crisis

With restrictions on travel likely to be lifted incrementally, there is a high chance that these restrictions will be lifted first at a local or State level, then at a national level, followed eventually by the opening of international borders - again, this may be incremental.

After an extended period of time where travel for leisure simply has not been an option, Tour Operators within Australia will be eager to welcome domestic holiday-makers.

It will be critical for tour operators to prevent COVID-19 transmission from a community health perspective,and additionally, to provide confidence to their customers and the tourism industry that they have implemented procedures that meet recommended best practice.

At least before a vaccine is widely available, it should be obvious for customers to see how it is that their tour operator has addressed the seriousness of COVID-19, and communicates a clear message of health and safety of staff and customers being paramount.

Hot Air continues to develop suitable procedures and standards within its operation to address COVID-19 concerns, and remains committed to being at the forefront of customer service and safety, and ensure our staff are trained and equipped to uphold best practice.  

The measure of success is not solely the ability of the business to survive the financial devastation that coronavirus has had upon almost every sector, including tourism, but that the business has taken heed of the implications this has on public health, and incorporated changes to maintain a model that will continue to survive.