One University Students hot air balloon experience

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On a winters morning in Cairns I had a morning that I will never forget. As our experienced pilot took us higher and higher above the clouds, we all marveled at the early morning sunrise, the tranquility that surrounded us the feeling of being weightless, almost motionless far above the ground. It was a peaceful, yet exhilarating experience that gave us an experience of the tablelands that you could receive in no other way. As the sun slowly lightens the sky, the tablelands were transformed into a picturesque countryside. With the fog rolling across the lands beneath you and the sun slowly lighting up the world around you it was a sight that can't be repeated in any other way apart from in a hot air balloon.
Unknowingly the pilot of our hot air balloon also managed to inspire me after I questioned him about how it was being a hot air balloon pilot. He answered saying he bounds out of bed every morning early and eager to get to his job because he loves it so much. Even when he goes on his own holidays, he starts to get restless, and can't wait to get back, he said shouting "I need to fly, fly, fly!" His love for his job, which admittedly must be one of the best, inspired me as I gazed across the world, to find my own passion. This is so definitely worth the early morning, waking-up to see the world in a new, eye-opening way.