Soaring Over Cairns with Nathan Darma & Alicia Jaques: A Hot Air Balloon Adventure

🔮 Nathan Darma: The Man, The Magician, The Photographer 🔮

Meet Nathan Darma, renowned for his stellar work under the brand Darma Photography, a man whose talents transcend typical borders of visual arts. Primarily based in Canberra, Nathan's photography often takes him to far-reaching corners of the globe, driven by a pursuit of novelty and excitement. Recently, his journey led him to our very own Hot Air Balloon Cairns, where he enjoyed an unforgettable aerial experience.

👩‍❤️‍👨 An Adventurous Duo: Nathan and Alicia 👩‍❤️‍👨

Joining Nathan on this sky-high adventure was none other than his fiancée, Alicia Jaques, known as @keyless_alicia to her Instagram followers. Together, they embarked on this breathtaking journey over the picturesque cityscape of Cairns, sharing an experience that they'll cherish for a lifetime.

🎈 Up, Up, and Away with Hot Air Balloon Cairns 🎈

At Hot Air Balloon Cairns, we take pride in creating memorable moments for our guests, and Nathan and Alicia were no exception. They were picked up by our expert Duty Manager, Brownie, a personality who Nathan fondly referred to as a "legend." High above the ground, the couple captured stunning visuals, with Nathan employing his 360-degree camera for unique 'drone-like' perspectives.

Hot Air Balloon Cairns Insta360 Camera shot

🥐 A Feast Above the Clouds: Quick Snaps and Tasty Snacks 🥐

Our experience doesn't end with the descent - passengers are greeted upon landing with a delightful selection of snacks. With a keen eye for photo opportunities, Nathan managed to snap a few images of the spread before everyone tucked in to savour the delicious fare.

After the flight we snack!

💾 Capturing the Adventure: Balloons, Breakfast, and Beyond 💾

Nathan has shared his and Alicia's adventure here on Instagram:

And here:

Other visuals range from aerial views of balloons floating across the Cairns skyline, to happy imagery of Nathan and Alicia, and the delicious post-flight snacks.

Enjoying the hot air balloon experience

🌐 Going Beyond Canberra: A Passion for Travel and Novel Projects 🌐

Nathan's love for photography extends beyond the mere capture of stunning visuals. He's committed to creating unique content for brands and businesses, transforming their core essence into visually compelling narratives. Despite his Canberra base, Nathan's sense of adventure knows no bounds, taking him to exciting projects across the globe. His recent flight with Hot Air Balloon Cairns, alongside Alicia, serves as a reflection of this bold and adventurous spirit.

Our featured flyer - Nathan Darma

💫 Nathan Darma & Alicia Jaques: More Than Just Adventurers 💫

Nathan Darma and Alicia Jaques are more than just adventurers. They're story-weavers, passionate explorers, and lovers of both extraordinary and everyday moments. Their journey, from soaring through the skies with Hot Air Balloon Cairns to planning their upcoming wedding in the serene Palm Cove, beautifully encapsulates the romanticism, adventure, and the shared joy of their experiences.

💻 Connect with Nathan Darma and Alicia Jaques 💻

Feel inspired by Nathan and Alicia's adventurous journey? You can continue following their remarkable story through the following platforms:

Instagram (Personal): Nathan Darma (@dalaidarma)

Instagram (Photography): Darma Photography (@darmaphotography)

Website: Nathan Darma

Youtube: Nathan Darma

Instagram: Alicia Jaques (@keyless_alicia)

Join them on their journey and get inspired by their love for adventure, photography, and the beauty of shared experiences.

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