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Things to do at Currumbin no matter what age you are. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to spend time away from city, with plenty of unique Australian native animals and so much more. Just 30 minute drive away from Surfers Paradise, you will arrive at the Gold Coast's biggest and most popular wildlife park. Don't have a car? No worries at all. Coach transfers available daily from central Surfers, so convenient.


This wildlife park is so close to the Surfers but away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It offers a haven of fun and adventure that everyone families from kids to grandparents, with friends or a partner - can totally enjoy. The activities offered at Currumbin are seemingly endless. There are hundreds of animals to watch and, you can even touch or feed, cuddle or take photos with, to experience all the fun that Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary offers. On entering the park, you may be welcomed by some cutest koalas which really gives you the best start to explore Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for the day.


One of the unique but totally fun way to wander around this huge wildlife park is by Currumbin’s Segway Safari experience. Each Segway Safari will cover Currumbin's extensive Forest Walk, taking in wildlife displays and experiences along the way. Now that you are in the park, the first thing most visitors do are to watch the animals. There are so many different species and varieties of animals; you're never sure what surprises are lurking around the next corner; chatting cockatoos, monkey-alike tree kangaroos, venomous snakes, noisy dingoes, lazy Tasmanian devils and so much more.

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Every animal has something unique to offer, gives you a smile (well, most of them anyway). It is totally wonderful to watch these animals in their natural environments that will make you appreciate nature in its glory.

What do you answer when you are asked what the most famous Australian animal is? Kangaroo! Feeding the kangaroos is a fantastic way to get up close and personal with one of the most popular and unique Australian animals. You just can't stop getting close to them as they are so adorable.

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Nevertheless, you will want to keep a safe distance in the crocodile section...! And if bird watching is more your thing, you won't be disappointed, there are so many varieties of birds at Currumbin, all different sizes and lots of colourful ones - most of which you will probably never have seen before.


The opportunities to learn about Queensland's natural environment really are an integral part of the park. This is undoubtedly apparent if you take the chance to visit the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and observe the sick animals being looked after. This is a great way to see where all the proceeds go from donations to the park. All the funds raised from entry go towards the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation, which over time has diagnosed, cared for and released over 40,000 native animals back into the wild. With over 7000 sick and injured animals being admitted every year, the veterinarians and nurses require funding to ensure they can adequately look after some of our most prized assets: our beautiful native Australian wildlife.

After enjoying the animals, Currumbin Adventure Parc (previously called Green Challenge) is recommended to enjoy your day even more. The Adventure Parc is known by the locals as one of the best nature-based experiences on the Gold Coast. Almost every local school child wants to go to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's Adventure Parc .The exhilarating ropes course has five different courses, offering something for everyone from beginner thrill seekers to the true adrenaline junkie. With elements of SAS commando training, and the ability to fly over live crocodiles and kangaroos, the Currumbin Adventure Park brings an exciting experience to the traditional nature-based event.

So now you have watched thousands of animals, done a course of two at Adventure Parc for some fun but the sites don't finish here.

[Update 2018] Adventure Park is now under new ownership and rebranded as Thunderbird Park

There are so many must-see shows and performances that you just can't go past.

Some of them you don't want to miss are the Free Flight Bird Show and the Lorikeet Feeding. The Free Flight Bird Show gives audience a lot of fun to watch and of course it is informative and even educational but in a very entertaining way. Who wouldn't love this? And famous Lorikeet feeding is something you really want to experience. Lorikeets might not come to you as they live in wild but when they do, it's a special moment! They tend to be around and come for feeding especially after rain.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary gives you the opportunity to truly enjoy our natural environment, plus so, so, much more. All that is required from you is an open mind; an adventurous spirit; and a few dollars for the entry fee of course. Many people flying into Gold Coast with Scoot, Jetstar and Air Asia visit Currumbin directly from the Gold Coast Airport as transfers are always available from the airport.  Currumbin offers countless unique and entertaining experiences you can't get any other places. Allow yourself to spend a whole day as there are so much to see and do. Enjoy the ultimate Australian wildlife experience but remember to book in advance as this Gold Coast attraction is popular with locals as well as visitors and is a tradition for Australians when they holiday on the Gold Coast.

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