We are OPEN, balloons in the air 27th June

Alex Monckton

Hot Air is SUPER excited to be flying our balloons from Saturday 27th June! Let the countdown begin!

Jumping for joy with Hot Air Balloons

We’ve had enormous support from you, and whilst restrictions have been in place, we’ve not been idle. 

Behind the scenes we’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that we have a comprehensive COVID Management Plan in place, implemented procedures that meet health, safety, workplace, and industry standards, trained our staff to be COVID-concious in our operational environment, and introduced specialised equipment.

We are ready and raring to go to deliver an experience that surpases expectations AND meets best-practice in addressing concerns about COVID-19.

As a customer, you’ll receive more detailed information on your ballooning experience, including any specific COVID-19 information related to your balloon flight. 

If you’re looking to lock in a flight now for 27th June and beyond, you can do so through our website. Our phone-lines remain on reduced hours, but these hours will shortly be increased to more standard hours.

Looking to book right now? Please see the links below for our locations’ homepages - see you soon for a wonderful flight!

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