Alternative ways to get around Brisbane and avoid traffic


Brisbane's public transport can be a real time saver if you know all the special tips on how to get around Brisbane.

Cutting through the middle of Brisbane City is the Brisbane River. To avoid the busy roads, there is a free City Hopper ferry that travels between the Cities major stops such as Queen Street Mall and Southbank. If you are wanting to go further than the city, you can only buy tickets for the City Cat with cash but the tickets are valid for 2 hours.

The City Cat is a relaxing and easy way to get to where you need to go. Single use tickets purchased with cash are valid for 2 hours. You can use the ferry to get to Regatta, Milton and new Farm.

Brisbane has an abundance of bike paths that stretch from West End to Southbank. City Cycle is the public bike hire run by the Brisbane Council. It is a legal requirement that you wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, most bikes have a helmet with them. The seats are adjustable and there are 150 stations located around the city. You can get a casual pass for 24 hours for just $2 or usage under 30 minutes is free.

If you want to explore Brisbane in a less traditional way, look no further than Lime Electric Scooters. These scooters are scattered all over Brisbane and you can just park them whenever you’re finished and Lime will ensure they stay charged. It is only a $1 booking fee and then you pay per minute. These scooters can only be ridden on paths and children are allowed to ride them as long as they are accompanied by an adult.