Mangoes Season in Cairns from a Hot Air Balloon

HAB - Admin
mangoes-cairns-queensland-australiaEach year in November, the Cairns community wait for the official start of the harvest of local mangos.
Mangoes in Australia mean summer, the feeling of sunshine and the spray of water at the beach or on the Great Barrier Reef and the special summer evening sunsets hearing local wildlife, the music of kookaburras and cicadas. The first bite of a mango that means it is truly summer.

Mangoes are an Australian icon, they’re full of emotion, wrapped in ritual and tied with memories. They are easy to prepare, just buy from the local markets and eat beside the Cairns Lagoon, they are bursting with nutritional value and did you know there are over 30 varieties of Mangoes in Australia? Try a different one every day of your holiday in Cairns!

But best of all, mangoes are served in Cairns restaurants and cafes, delicious on their own, perfectly paired with locally grown chicken or prawns and seafood from the Coral Sea, try mangoes in light summer Queensland salads or ask for a mango cooked on a barbeque.

Local Cairns businesses make excellent products that you can buy with Mango Yoghurt,Mango Wine and of course everyone's favorite, dried mangoes.

One of the best ways to start the day is to float up high with Hot Air Balloon Cairns and see the mango farms of the Atherton Tablelands from your balloon basket, then afterward, enjoy a delicious breakfast of mangoes and fresh local fruits.